Pregnancy and Diabetes

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Pregnancy and Diabetes

If you are a diabetic and you want to get pregnant, work with your OB/GYN doctor and your diabetes doctor to be sure you are in the best shape possible at least three to six months before you conceive.

Then be sure you are followed regularly by both physicians so that you remain healthy during your pregnancy and after delivery.

During your pregnancy you should monitor your diet and exercise program and look for signs of imbalance in your blood sugar, as pregnancy can sometimes wreak havoc on your regular routine and your insulin levels.

You may have to get a special meal plan from a nutritionist or dietician in order to compensate for the changes in your body and your blood sugar and ensure that your child does not experience problems or birth defects because of high blood sugar levels that may cross into the placenta.

Talk to your doctor about getting more B Vitamins, especially folic acid to guard against the risk of birth defects.

If you have never been diabetic in the past, you may find yourself facing ‘gestational diabetes’, which is a form of diabetes that occurs during pregnancy and typically disappears after delivery.

This form of diabetes is usually controlled with diet, medication, and exercise, but it must be treated in order to ensure that you and your baby remain healthy.

Your OB/GYN doctor will usually refer you to a dietitian so you can get meal plans that are specially designed to help you control your blood sugar.